Crowned Jewel

I'm joining in on the auction being hosted by Laura Ingalls Gunn
to help our sweet friend Valorie get her beloved Alberto home.
See here, here and here.

This lovely crown was handcrafted by the very talented and renowned chandelier designer Julie Neill and author of the Bayou Contessa.   I brought this little crown home after a visit to New Orleans last year when I first met Julie (in the middle),

...and my sweet friend Marie, a native New Orleanian, 

and Valorie at Perch.  We became instant friends.

The opening bid on the crown is $35 and Moore Designs will ship to the highest bidder at no charge.  Bidding will end midnight EST Monday.  All monies will be donated to Valorie and Alberto's PayPal tango account.

Be sure and visit Decor to Adore to see all items for auction!

Thank you all so much.  ♥

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  1. Renae, this is stunning!! I will start the bid at $35! Thinking of Valorie and Alberto all of the time.

    Come and see my surprise interview ...I know you will love it!!

    Art by Karena

  2. I just put an item up for auction as well. And I like this one - gorgeous! I'll bid $40.00

  3. What a great way to help sweet Valorie! I need to find out more...Have a great wknd., Renae! xo

  4. Renae,

    I cannot thank you enough for such a generous and beautiful donation. I do hope the perfect princess find this crown.

    Be blessed.

  5. Renae - me once again! I had to comment how much I adore Julie's work. What a thrill to have met her too! I took a peek @ her book & I remember Valorie (I think) posting about her chandeliers. What an amazing artist.

    You are amazing for donating this beautiful crown.

    Have a beautiful Sunday my friend xo

  6. Hi Renae,
    You are so sweet to do this for Valorie and Alberto. Having been through Katrina, I know the terrible feeling of longing to go home and not being able to. I wanted to let you know that I didn't actually make the crown you are auctioning although we do sell them in our shop.
    In addition, I am hoping you will auction another item from my shop which we DO make ourselves. One of our newest designs, the Mint Julep Sconce, which I have emailed you a picture of. I hope this helps.

  7. Kathy! won! I know this little crown will be a fabulous addition to your decor! Send me your address!


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