Blue Decor - Is it You?

I am not partial to blue decor personally but many clients are. 
What about you, what do you gravitate towards or what colors make you happy?

I thought I would put pictures out for your perusal. I would love to hear what you have to say about each room's styling, colors, balance or anything else you see positively or negatively. 

I can't wait to hear your take on these images and the styles (or lack thereof) of decor!

Images from House Beautiful


  1. Hi Renae!

    I personally love the first picture as these are my bedroom colors and new bath redo color. It is so peaceful to me and makes me wistfully go AAAHHHH!

  2. I am loving blue more and more. You have quite an array of images - I love the mix of blue, and the range of deep to light to virbrant.

  3. I love the soothing, tranquil blues. The harsh tones in the second image I can not wrap my head around. I truly do not know how anyone could be comfortable or feel welcome in such a cold and lifeless room.

    I appreciate the fun and vibrant tones as shown in the very aqua kitchen...for maybe a beach house. However, I think the island would be a bit much on a daily basis!

    I like all the other images and the more subtle hits of blue.

  4. Growing up I would have told you blue was my favorite color. I still love blue but am not as fond of it as most in home decor. I have incorporated touches of it here and there in my own home and more for some clients but have to say I am not on the completely blue craze. I'm not crazy for trends. They take something special and make it not so special.

  5. I have to say depends what its used for and the shade of blue. I love so many colours but my favourite would be green. Love image 3 with the green sofa's and just an accent of blue in the room...Ax

    p.s. meeting in London would be wonderful!!

  6. I love blue. I use it in small ways throughout my design always. Perfect little accent here and there. Have a great week.

  7. i love these images... thank you for your kind comments... i do trust HIm ... i am having a hard time with this one... real tough.
    so sorry i did not get to see you in seattle but i completely understand... next time sweetie... xoxo

  8. So many of our clients gravitate towards blue which I must admit, isn't always easy but it has grown on me over the years. I like many of your examples here! Tracey xx

  9. What a great selection, Renae. I love blue, but these days I am liking white rooms with colorful touches. I don't like to live in an all blue room. Thanks for your sweet message - hope all is well with you! xo

  10. I love the Miles Redd laquer walls - funny thing about blue. I'm often attracted to blue accessories, patterns, wallpapers, etc., but I'm rarely attracted to blue rooms. I like it in bits I think - just not the whole space!

  11. If you have followed my blog at all you know how I feel about blue... just kill me before you made me live in one.

  12. I am a blue girl through & through. Not so much dark navy but light cool blue. The kitchen with the gingham hanging pendants has been one of my "one of these days" kitchens for a long time.
    Thanks renae for such a refreshing post.
    And I love your new header!!!
    xoxo Lisa

  13. Hi Renae! I'm pretty much stuck on neutral...but outside or in I like to throw a bit of blue haze (nepata, lavender, Spode, pottery). I've painted my office walls a Monet blue and a small master bedroom hallway in aqua. I haven't been overt and out in the open with it. Stealth blue. XO Trish

  14. It depends on which blue , I like pale blue and I have so many favorite colors, I'm color person

  15. Great photos. You have a sharp eye for design!

  16. I am not a blue girl. Being in an all blue room would make me nutsoid. I do like blue porcelain for accents. Tourqouise makes me break out i hives!

  17. I personally love blue and when used in the proper tone or in balance it can almost seem like a neutral...think of how nothing fights the blue sky...everything looks great against the backdrop of a natural blue sky. One of my favorite projects was a completely all black and white bedroom with pale blue walls.


  18. That first picture had me at hello. So much going on, but it all works. I love a look that appears to have evolved over time. Very charming.

  19. i am finally getting over my blue phobia.

    in the last 10 years i have finally begun to appreciate it.

    one of my favorite color combinations to work with is;
    tomato bisque, winter white or cream,
    a touch of charcoal, and lastly royal blues and azure blues.

    it is rich and has changed my
    BLUE VIEW forever.

  20. Hi Renae - I have shied away from blue as I grew-up with my fair share share of it but I so admire it in others homes. I'm often tempted to give up my love of browns, charcoals, greens, and orange to walk on the brighter side. Photo #3 of Miles Redds amazing navy blue lacquered study I have wanted to recreate but our study space was way too dark. That will always be one of my favorites. I LOVE your blog & I was thrilled to get your great msg. yesterday. Thank you!!

  21. I love the first photo with the soft blue and touch of pink in the flowers and furniture... absolutely stunning!


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