I take great pleasure in having friends come stay at my home. 

I was delighted that Valorie Hart, the VisualVamp asked if she could stay with me while attending the 
Vision International Window Expo.  
She was graciously asked by Jackie Von Toble (Jackie Blue Home) to sit on a panel of bloggers to discuss the importance and value of blogging in the design industry. Jackie is one dynamo lady.  Gracious, kind and generous.
Valorie flew in from New Orleans last Thursday and one would have thought we had been girlfriends forever.  I met her a bit over a year ago in NOLA at the store she works in, Perch, and we hit it off and have been email and bloggy friends since.  This is a crazy world we live it!  We 'shopped' my home and re-styled it.  SO MUCH FUN.  Will post pix later, I have a little painting to do first!

(interesting unprepared 'pose' for the camera guy on my part....oh well)

A few of us got together for dinner at the oh so yummy  
Rathbun's in Atlanta.

Jenny, My Favorite and my Best (far left)
 the Vamp
Holly, Things That Inspire (far right)

I was sad to see Valorie go, next time's NOLA time!


  1. It was a great evening - I agree, NOLA next time! I haven't been there since college.

  2. What a beautiful group of women!

  3. Renae,
    It looks like you all have been friends forever! Such a darling, spontaneous group shot. I love the blogs of all of these ladies...on my roll from the beginning.

  4. I love it...great to see you all together! So much creativity in one spot. Trish

  5. you must have had the most amazing time... i would love to meet more of my blogger friends!!!! sooo fun!
    xx pam

  6. Renae,
    You made it all possible!
    You are the bestest hostess with the mostess!
    I think we should organize a huge meet up in New Orleans, and invite all of the bloggers to come!
    I have thanked you a zillion times, and I don't mind doing it one more time - thank you for the big fun I this past weekend (especially the part of being in your pretty home!).
    xo xo

  7. It's killing me that I couldn't make it! Next time, I'm THERE!

  8. i wish i had been able to come.
    i obviously missed an incredible event!!!

    love you xx

    you all look FABOO!!

  9. Wish I could have been there too! Looks like a fun time.

  10. I had to comment as I adore Jenny, and Val. Holly I don't know as well but I so admire her blog. What a fabulous evening & great laughs you must of shared your four?!
    This is a crazy world in which we live.


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