Tea at Two & Eddie Ross!

Attention Atlanta-area bloggers (and readers too!)

Guess who is coming to town?

Mr. Eddie Ross

(In case you did not know, Eddie is the former editor of Martha Stewart Living,
how cool is that?)

He inviting US (you and me!!) to Tea at Two this Saturday, January 9th for an
Art and Framing
Workshop sponsored by Larson-Juhl.

We will meet at the Larson-Juhl headquarters in Norcross for an inside tour!

Just look at a sampling of the fully catered array of tasty tea sandwiches, gourmet teas, chilled Sauvignon Blanc, and delectable miniature desserts.

...don't worry you can start your new year's resolution MONDAY!

Eddie will WOW US with a fun, informative presentation that takes the guesswork out of groupings, shadowboxes, and all things framed! Finally, for one lucky winner, there will also be a free frame job, courtesy of Larson-Juhl!

MS Living

House and Garden

Do you have items - not just pictures - that would be lovely displayed and hung on the wall?

Eddie Ross

Eddie Ross

Eddie Ross

I can't wait to meet Eddie and his partner Jaithan and gain new inspiration for old projects!
How about you? Call in the favors of the husband or sitter, get out of those jeans, doll yourself up a bit and come for the afternoon! You will NOT be disappointed. It's free for bloggers and just $10 otherwise. It is NOT too late. All you have to do is email Jaithan.
Come and bring a friend. Can't wait to see you.

Here is Eddie with his partner Jaithan at Scott's Antique Market checking out the goods.
They are the "kings" of finding treasures. Truly a gift.



  1. Hi Renae, this would have been a chance to meet...unfortunately it's not my lucky star this time, I'm catching up on my work schedule.

    You'll find my e-mail, looking a little closer at my presentation on the web.

    Have a great time with the "kings of Antique finders"....


  2. Hi,
    I was wondering if you know which issue of MS Living the first photo is from? I love those! Thank you,

  3. I linked this post ot my post...

    Ooooh and we should have champagne together... will you be coming to L.A.?

  4. Renae- Sounds like a lot of fun. I can't make it to ATL on Saturday... but I may head to Scott's on Thursday. I'll keep you posted. xx- Brooke

  5. Renae, I can't wait to meet up & have some fun! Can you email me your cell # again, I need to write it down this time! :) I'll call you Thurs. as I'm driving over & we'll nail down our plans.

  6. Wish I could be there. Lucky you!
    Love Eddie Ross and love the idea of tea at two. The English blood in me hears that calling my name. Have a blast and I'd love to hear all about it!


  7. boy oh boy....
    i wish i could come up!!!


  8. Thank you so much for your sweet post! we are looking forward to meeting you!

  9. It sounds like fun, wish I could go. Have fun.

  10. Hi Renae. Sounds like lots of fun. Can't believe I missed Eddie when he was at the December Alameda Flea market. Hope your year is off to a great start. XO Trish

  11. Give Jaithan and Eddie a big kiss and hug from me and Alberto!
    Also if you see Brooke and Steve (Velvet and Linen), give them my love too!
    Wish I could be there with all of you!!!
    xo xo

  12. Hi Renae!

    So nice to meet you~~~
    Fifi sent me over:)

    Lovely Blog!

    Kay Ellen

  13. Kay Ellen!
    I always love 'meeting' new people!


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