The Brickmaker's Table - Who will win?

My good 'bloggy' friend Brooke at Velvet and Linen posed this question a few weeks ago, "Can you create your own design style even if you buy some pieces from a catalogue?"
One of the comments came from Mark Sage of Bobo Intriguing Objects right here in Atlanta, and this is what he had to say...
"Some of you attended a Catholic school. There were certain girls that just looked “different”… better. How could this be when the uniform was all the same? The answer of course was the way they WORE that uniform."

"If six different people had the EXACT same coffee table, it would look COMPLETELY different in six different settings. It still comes down to how you place it, the other pieces surrounding it, the shape and color of the room and how you accessorize that table. Putting your personal touches to a reproduction piece can be very rewarding."

Mark and Brooke put their heads together and came up with a competition! Mark generously offered to give 3 of these tables away. Brooke asked for those interested to send her a picture of the room where they felt this lovely table would fit. Well, wouldn't you know that those out in blog land went crazy and Brooke had pictures of 170 rooms?! She then called on some her design bloggy friends to help her choose. We had to send her our top 5.
Do you have any idea how difficult this was? There were indeed many outstanding rooms.

These are just a "tease" of the contestants. Click on over to Brooke's blog Velvet and Linen to see the rest of the rooms and look at the top right corner and place your vote! Only one vote please.


  1. Thank you so much Renae! I really appreciated your help selecting the 10 finalists. I know it wasn't easy. That's why I asked my blogging friends to do it!
    I can't wait to see which rooms win.


  2. I cannot even imagine how difficult this was..based on what I saw as entrants...too bad he doesn't have 170 tables. Pushin' it, eh?

  3. Wish we could have met up while you were here, but hopefully next time, schedules will allow! What fun, to help vote on this. I added my vote this a.m., went with that last pic you posted! I think it will be fab in her room, although all of them were nice rooms & it could work equally well in many of them.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Renae!

  4. There were so many cool and differant rooms. I think the top picks are perfect. I can't wait to see who won!

  5. How fun! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Renae!! xo


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