It's Good to be Green!

I was in one of my favourite candy stores at the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center (ADAC) a few days ago, I am especially fond of the colours on their bag.

My sweet friend Maria at Colour Me Happy has had these two colours on her brain of late as well. Be sure and visit her...she is the "Queen" of colour. As I have said before, I know I am American, but I like to spell colour the European way, I was born in England and that counts! She was featured on the cover of BC Home, check it out here.

Are you MOD?

Colorado Creative
Or perhaps a bit more relaxed?

Love the chandelier!
shower curtain NEEDS to be on the outside...

Gordon Beall, Southern Accents
A mixture of personalities...

I inherited this shade in my house, also in the DR,
I quite like it.

did not make a notation of where I got this one, anyone know?
What might the personality of one be that has the guts to do theirs this bold?

House Beautiful
How about a washed treatment?

House Beautiful
I like this room a lot except for the coffee tables. Fun, bright, and zippy zebra.

Google Images
Great shade, don't like the room, notice the decals on the windows so the birdies don't fly into it?

House Beautiful
So what do you think? It almost looks like a rubrics cube. Crazy.
That lamp in the corner...what?
Elle Decor
How many shades are in this room?

Coastal Living
I could do this...

The latest cover of Metropolitan Home....ooh la la!
Since this is my favourite shade, I can very much see me giving you a gift wrapped like this.

sooo.....DO YOU DO GREEN?



  1. I do green and I do pink! I love the combination!

  2. I love green - it is my favorite color - I find it to be so soothing and melds beautifully with the outside (especially here in Atlanta, where we have so many trees). I prefer blue green, although I have a lot of yellow green as a yellow-green Tibetan wool carpet in my living room (inherited) was the basis for the decor. I am ready for a change - but it will probably be a change to a more blue-green palette!

  3. I DO love green and that is a great little green kitchen you posted. Bold, but def. a lot of fun! xo

  4. I do use green in my home but in more subdued shades like the Coastal Living kitchen... and in smaller doses!

  5. Darling, thank you so much for the mention!!
    I love all shades of green! Great post!

  6. One of our baths has green wallpaper. So,yes, I like it, but I dont think someone would *think green* at my house.

    Lime green was my fashion colour this past summer :)

  7. I find green so inspiring (motivational) yet it's meant to be a calming colour, there you go!

  8. I love the bright greens in the first few photos and the kitchen. Green used to be my favorite color, but I have moved into a blue mode lately. Aquamarine is my favorite green lately!!
    Inspiring photos! Thank you!

  9. i love love love green.
    it is my fave.
    my bedroom is green.

  10. Love the Gordon Beall Southern Accents grisaille old/new thing going on. And the HB washed green...doesn't hurt that there are quantity of globes, a very studious air... Thanks, Trish

  11. The green kitchen in question is by Miles Redd and was in house beautiful magazine earlier this summer...i forget which issue though! maybe July?
    I've always loved green -is anything fresher?


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