Thought for the Day

Something to ponder...

People are often unreasonable, self centered: Forgive them anyway.

If you are honest, people may cheat you, but be honest anyway.

What you spend years to build,
someone could destroy overnight. Build anyway.

The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow. Do good anyway.

You see, in the final analysis,

it is between you and God;

it never was between you and them anyway.


  1. That's beautiful! I love the line: "What you spend years to build,
    someone could destroy overnight. Build anyway." You inspired me.

  2. Such a beautiful sentiment!

  3. Wonderful thought, Renae! I need to print that out and keep it with me!

  4. So true, we don't any of us know what comes next. So live your best life now. Thanks for coming by .

  5. In these times, when we are all looking to other people (ie. politicians, judges, our neighbors) for moral fortitude, we get so caught up in our narrow minded thinking. Judging people by the standard we set for ourselves. It really means nothing in the end if we can't forgive. Thanks are a good soul.

  6. Very good words to live by. Sometimes we need to be reminded of these simple truths. I'm glad your flu has passed. How awful. I (knock on wood) haven't been sick for years either. Isn't it amazing how we take our health for granted? Hope your week is better!

  7. It is true.

    I miss your visits! Stop by for the 100TH post....I'd be honored.....

    love kelee


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