Friday Flowers with a Thought for the Day!

Gear up for a fabulous weekend with this thought.... order to create GOOD RELATIONSHIPS

-with your mind think about what you have to learn from others

-with your eyes, look into the good qualities of others

-with your words, recognize , value and appreciate their accomplishments

-with your actions, cooperate and do something for others.



  1. We could all follow that advice every day!

  2. I like this Renae!

    And I miss you!

    love, kelee

  3. I know it's already Tuesday but wanted to say hello & tell you how your header & this post just make me stop relax & take a deep breath.
    xo Lisa

  4. Yes...I agree...the colors of your header and post...and the sentiments, are simply perfect!

    Thank you for that!

  5. Dear Renae,
    it's been a while as summer is rather hectic, don't see why....

    Hopefully one gets wiser by the year and sometimes I need some reminding words...yours are great.

    Take care!


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