Lines and Colour!

The blogaratti - I think the Visual Vamp came up with this term (if not please let me know) - those of us in the masses that blog - are filled with some amazingly talented people.  One that I am especially in awe of is Michelle Morelan,  A Schematic Life.  She is an interior designer from Canada and does the most fabulous renderings of her projects and has done some for a few of our blogging friends.  I envy her talent and seriously would like to take some lessons....too bad we don't live near one another, I would bug her to teach me!

Joni's living room, French design in Texas

New York City commission

Velvet and Linen front door

Lounge by Debra Geller

Bedroom by Patricia Gray

Patricia Gray's townhouse (a surprise rendering from MM to PG)

Today marks Michelle's 200th post on her blog,
what a great milestone, congratulations Michelle!


  1. You are so sweet!!
    Thanks Renae :)

    I can't believe it's already 200!!

    A great group of people here in blogeworld.

  2. I would love to even come close to being able to do renderings that well. Mine would probably scare clients away!

  3. Congratulations to Michelle! Her work is lovely and she is very talented. Thanks for being so supportive of fellow bloggers and artists, Renae - you're the best!

  4. You did a lovely job on the sketch you sent moi!
    These are FAB renderings!
    ENJOY your week!

  5. "A schematic life" - award goes to Michelle!
    Her diagrams, drawings all display life so brilliantly!
    She just has a natural passion for rendering with marker, I hope one day she will paint! I can only imagine what masterpiece's she will scheme up!

  6. Michelle is not only a great artist she is also very generous. She recently did a drawing for me, it was a very touching moment.

  7. She is so wonderful! I am in awe of Michelle's talents - I love her tutorial on how to create one - I need to try it one day!

    thank you for showing my living room - she did a great job on it, didn't she?

  8. Hi Renae
    What a wonderful post you have done to attribute the contribution Michelle has made to the Blogosphere. She is one talented lady and, I am more than pleased to have been on the receiving end of her talents!!

  9. Hi Renae,
    lovely post of drawings..I could die to get this talented.

    I hope you are well,

  10. I love her blog too! She just gifted me with a drawing of one of my favourite living rooms (that I've done).

    I'll be posting it in a couple days!

  11. Not only is Michelle incredibly talented, she is a warm hearted, generous woman as well.
    I was so touched when she sent me her rendering of my door. It's more beautiful than the real thing!

    Happy weekend, Renae.


  12. These renderings are lovely. And now I am off to explore more at A Schematic Life..

    I'll be back soon


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