Dreary Day? Flower Power!

There is nothing better on a dreary day to lift one's spirits more than some fresh flowers.
It is that kind of day (and has been for seemingly weeks) here today in northern Atlanta!

These white spider mums are so pretty, with a stem of stargazer lilly and smaller green mums (does anyone know the "real" name of them?) and some very fragrant baby's breath.

The flowers all made such a great arrangement don't you think?
What lifts your spirit on a dreary day?

The plaid chair and a wing across the room are going to the upholsterer very soon. Just want to refinish the legs first....will post on that later! That fabric definitely looked better to me on the bolt than on the chairs and when they were delivered I NEVER liked them. So I am going in a bit of a different direction to open up some other decorating avenues!



  1. I am terrible with the name of plants and flowers, but I love unusual flowers with beautiful blooms. These are beautiful!

  2. You are so right!

    For the moment my color (petunias and impatiens) are visible from the kitchen window. But perhaps I need something inside, too :)

    The Spring really has been unusual for Atlanta - much cooler and definitely more cloudy than normal.

  3. Good morning, Renae! We TOTALLY agree with you that nothing takes the place of real flowers!! Linda and I both have gardens that we love. In fact my roses are in full bloom now and my hydrangeas almost ready to take off. Sheer Heaven! However, we feel that in our own homes, by mixing a few living bouquets with our silks, you can always have a home full of flowers. Silks are also great for vacation homes where you don't have to be buying new flowers upon arrival and throwing them away when departing. Great for nursing homes, gifts, etc. Do visit our online shops at sophiedahydesigns.com and sophie dahy designs at ETSY. Thanks, Jeanne

  4. Beautiful! Love your fresh flowers! I've been known to mix my silk ivey in with my fresh stuff for filler! Leaves them guessing! I've had a housefull of pink carnations for two and a half weeks since the baby shower. They last forever!


  5. What a beautiful arrangement! Having fresh flowers in the house makes me so happy. :-)

  6. Still loving the peonies I bought on Sunday. They smell marvelous!

  7. Hi Renae...love your beautiful white spider mums! Sound like you have some fab plans for those great wingbacks. I need to recover two chairs in my family room...just delaying, delaying. Stressful to think of having to pick the new fabric...not to mention the cost. :-) Can't wait to see how yours turn out! :-)

  8. Hi Renae! Just adore my flowers I can cut from my yard...right now that includes alium and lavender
    and rue.

  9. Beautiful flowers, my husband and my dog always lifts me!

  10. You usually lift my day with your wonderful comments! Those spider mums are gorgeous!


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