Boxwoods in Atlanta


Yesterday I went to a favorite store of mine - Boxwoods in the Buckhead area of Atlanta - that makes me smile with all the pretty things they have. It was a glorious day after many wet ones…


There are several different rooms, this being the “trophy” room. It has all the accessories that would fill a “man-cave” but be pleasing to the mama bear!


I love anything silver or pewter and this is a lovely assortment.


Many clocks and weathervanes, great architectural pieces…


These bird houses are more like castles…


Now going into where I drool the most, notice the beautiful arrangement of hydrangeas. This is one flower I do not mind having silk or dried in my home. I’m a sucker for lamps too.


Satchels and monogrammed pillows made with fine linen….I like that big clock too. I may have to check into that further, I have just the right spot for it!


Oh my goodness, I feel like a little girl in a candy store…I can get the “I wants” at about every turn. Gorgeous candlesticks, and the mirrors…there are actually two here, one in front of the other .


Ohhh, the sideboard with a gorgeous marble top and the footed hurricanes, so beautiful.


Look at these pillows with the puppies, I think the Visual Vamp needs one of these! The little Louis XVI settee is ready to be upholstered, it is down to the springs with what appears to be very old burlap covering them.


More silver…a girl can just go crazy. Those lamps are to die for. Do you see the tall candlesticks to the right?


This chandelier looks very similar to what Julie Neill in New Orleans designs.


This is actually a sconce…isn’t it amazing?


This is another room…the wall color is my new favorite color of green. The pillows, linen, candles, and beautiful arrangement make such a nice display.




Now, into the greenhouse…they sell beautiful plants. The potted hydrangeas – fabulous.


And outside…


I just adore this stone pedestal sink.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of this beautiful shop, next time you are in Atlanta you must visit. Don’t forget to call me….there are a few other fabulous shops not too far away!


  1. What a wonderful store. I love boxwoods. They are so classic.
    Thanks for the pictures.

  2. Thank you for taking us with you, Renae.
    What a fantastic store. Boxwoods are great.
    I use them all of the time as hedges and topiaries.

    Have a great day.


  3. My list of Atlanta shops to visit is growing! Thanks for taking us along!

  4. Boxwood is so classic...and them!

  5. Thank you ladies for coming by....Boxwoods is a fabulous store and I love the plant boxwoods too!

  6. Renae, Thanks so much for your visit to hill country house. I love your blog and plan to add it to my list of favorites. I have no idea why my link won't include my current posts. It has driven me crazy. I use a Mac and have even had the young "genius" at the Apple store try to figure it out. I think it has something to do with my settings but I just can't figure out the problem. If anyone has any ideas I would love to know how to fix it. I have a few on my list that also never seem to update.Very annoying. On a lighter note, love this shop!! Great post! Ann

  7. Dear Renae,

    Thank you your so very sweet singing! I have left a missive for you at Fifi's. I love the photo with the puppies! It ties right into what I spoke of in my note!

    I do love it when I run into you at our many social engagements. We are the busy butterflies, Are we not, Renae?

    Petunia who loves a few sips of fine wine with you!

  8. have i mentioned that i am jealous !!

    i wanna go too !!!


  9. R

    you are in atlanta ??
    i am coming up to visit in june ( my best childhood girlfriend )


    we can have a coffee !

  10. What a fabulous store!

    I sure wish I lived a little closer..Don't I have some relative that lives there. :)


  11. I'd go shopping with you any day, this looks like a great store! I concur with the previous comment, what did you leave with??

  12. Last friday my younger daughter and I made a quick trip to Atlanta. One of our stops was Boxwoods. She had never been before and absolutely had a fit over it. I bought some yummy lime green glasses which I certainly did not need but decided I couldn't live without. That shop is so lovely!! Seeing beautiful REAL flowers gives me inspiration for my silk arrangements.


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