Bedded Bliss

How lucky was I to get my picture taken with Suzanne Kasler, Marcia Sherrill, and Suze Surdyk Jones? (I am second from the left!) Oh my goodness, 3 fabulous design icons who shared their time speaking at Atlanta’s Mart. They were mainly speaking to bedding retailers but I picked up a few interesting tidbits. I must say Marcia has a very witty personality. One of her suggestions was to take an old fur coat and make a throw out of it. She also said that she recycled her old wedding dress (post divorce) and made pillows for her daughter’s room. I thought it interesting too that hers and Suzanne’s daughters did not want their rooms “done”. She said she just purchased Manuel Canovas sheets for her bed, she likes color.

Manuel Canovas.jpg2

Suzanne showed her bed which has been featured in Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles magazine.

Kasler bed

She used ivory sheets, and ordered cashmere fabric and trimmed it with black grosgrain ribbon. She used metelasse curtains and bedding. Isn’t the mirror above the bed fabulous? I like color, but I also adore black and white. The geometrics on the bench add such a nice dimension.

Suze, who has been named Southeast Designer of the year and lives in Atlanta, added that by changing a few elements in the room such as adding a candle, bringing in some china or a new lampshade can transform the look by not spending a whole lot.

They all agreed that a good foundation (mattress) is key and that mixing and matching the other elements is definitely OK. Just as in fashion we don’t necessarily wear the same designer, our beds don’t have to be dressed by all the same manufacturer…many different lines blend with each other.

I thought it interesting too for the retailer to partner with an antique dealer to make vignettes in the store, it makes a beautiful display of the product being offered. It is good for the retailer and for the antique dealer as it will create sales on both sides. Also, put items needed to complete a bedroom in a basket tied with a beautiful ribbon. Items such as pillows, throws, candles, and perhaps some shams. Price at a slight discount of what each item would cost separately. Customers want to see value. Maximize the square footage in the store, do not just look at floor space, but walls and ceilings. Add artwork, and lighting, so the bedding store becomes much more! Hold special events in your store to bring people all creates sales!

One thing I appreciated the most was the reminder of the importance of personalization. It creates a meaningful room. One way to start is by using our client’s favorite color as a starting point and remembering to add some monogramming or embroidery somewhere. The ladies all agreed that lavender and magenta pink are the colors coming into focus now!

I was honored to be in the company of such fine business women, creative, vibrant and down to earth.


  1. Looks like a good time...I always feel good after a good networking session!

    I have always loved a good bed...whtie sheets and a good duvet.

  2. How exciting to meet such inspirational designing women!
    Thank you for sharing what you learned with us.
    Since I am now a retailer as well, I particularly appreciated those tips.


  3. they must be on a tour = they are going to Louisiana too- wonder if they are going to be in Houston? which one are you????? it doesn't really matter because all 4 are so adorable!!!!! so you must be one of the four!


  4. Thanks so much for your comments about my redo! Yes- I bought all of those accessories in the shelves except for a few paintings. And as for ads - if anyone ever offered me good money - I would have to consider! I did put lijit search on my blog which I love and appartently if anyone clicks on the google ad I will get .10 = Chanel here I come!!!!

  5. I agree on their color reading. I own a historic property--yes The Katillac Shack "has history"--but it is not the local of my high design studio.
    At the historic apartment I am using Lavender
    silk for ball gown curtains. I acquired two massive crystal chandeliers and both are now in the drawing room where the curtains will be...I am excited! The approach will have a Fench Neo-classical quality-time of Beethoven meets Hollywood Regency hybrid. Glam tinged history.

  6. Than you ladies for coming by!

    I am, as you are looking at the picture, the second from the left standing to Suzanne. Black jacket!

  7. I would have loved to attend this event, but I am out of town. Thank you so much for the report!

    I adore SK's bedroom. I wonder who did the pillows? They look monogrammed, yet it is not a monogram.

  8. R-

    which one are you ???

    you are in atlanta ? i will be up there in june....we can meet !



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