Wine tasting!

I got this crazy idea at the last moment to invite a few girlfriends over and do a wine tasting! I thought it would be fun for each to bring over their favorite plus a little nibble! There would be a prize the one who knew her own wine!

As each gal arrived I handed her some Prosecco ...

...while I wrapped the bottles to cover the labels and put a number on each.

Not a bad little spread for such short notice....we had a gorgonzola cheese with french bread and some very creative and tasty asparagus wrapped in a light salami, chevre with roasted red peppers and capers and a buffalo chicken dip....of course there was it with wine...whew knew? I put all the crackers in margarita glasses....did a quick little floral and candles and voila!

I went on the Internet ( I love Google!) and found some wine tasting cards for critiquing our tastes. I had no idea that one of the girls actually knew something about what to look for...

Joni was getting the bottles uncorked so we could get started...we had a dumping pot and a pitcher of water to cleanse our glasses and water crackers to cleanse the palate! As the evening went on we decided that next time we would use plastic cups so we could sip back and forth to get a better sense of what was what! You can imagine all the giggles after a few tastes...we pictured just lining up the plastic cups in front of us!

Erica (no picture...bummer) who is adorable and business name is "Miss Sew It All" a fabulous window treatment seamstress won the taste test....she knew her own wine. Way to go E!
Some times things at the spur of the moment are the most fun!


  1. Impromptu, imaginative, and interesting....

    You are the hostess with the mostess :)

  2. Clearly Susan says " What a great idea." I have put you on my blog for others to see..... Clearly Susan - Hand painted Glassware. We are both Georgia Peaches!


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