Can't Wait for Spring!

I was raised for the most part in southern California and did not experience
"seasons." In much of my adult life I have been able to melt in the heat
along the gulf coast or be cold in the north of Alaska! One thing I am ready for
now is Spring! I love flowers and how the yards bloom with many
variations and colors.

I adore fresh greenery, here the eucalyptus, trachelium and moss
mix so well in the beautiful silver vase. I love most anything silver.
Wouldn't this be beautiful on your dining room table?

Hydrangeas make the base of this burst of color and the silver
urn is....well....I want it!

Green hydrangeas and cream roses are beautifully held in
place by green crabapples . The cut pomegranate is an interesting
piece in this arrangement, I would add more greenery loosely
placed in different directions.

One of the joys of the cooler weather just before spring is
when the tulips start popping up! They, along with
sunflowers and hydrangeas are my favorite flower.

I need to start working my soil to produce these beautiful colors
to have a display as lovely as this.

This is the color I had last season, still pretty but I want
those deep rich vibrant hues!

How about doing a small arrangement at each place
setting for your next gathering? Or group all different
sized vases and make an arrangement in each to make
one big arrangement?

Simplistic, cut from your garden, put in a glass container
with small pebbles in the bottom!


  1. I'm looking forward to spring, too. I miss my flowers!

    I posted photos of a couple of my "Sid Dickens Memory Blocks" displays. Come on over and take a peek. I'm going to add more when the sun comes up and I can get some shots with better lighting.


  2. I can't wait for spring! I miss my hydrangeas!
    Thank you for the beautiful images.


  3. Beautiful! I just went out in the cold and cut all my yellow, cream and white is going to freeze tonight. I guess I will have to enjoy them in the house instead of the yard this year...


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